Compasso UOL: Powering the Digital Transformation of Brazil’s Largest Companies

Compasso UOL is laser-focused on the services and solutions that companies in Brazil need to achieve true digital transformation. Its customers include many of the country’s leading enterprises in a wide range of industries. “We often speak at Compasso UOL of using the power of technology to reinvent the heart of the business,” says Cleyton […]

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UOL DIVEO passa a oferecer solução desktop as a service em parceria com VMware

Essa oferta permite aos colaboradores de qualquer companhia acessar o sistema operacional de seus computadores de forma online. O UOL DIVEO anunciou que oferecerá a tecnologia desktop as a service (DaaS) no Brasil, tornando-se o primeiro parceiro desta tecnologia da VMware no País, que permite aos colaboradores de qualquer companhia o acesso ao sistema operacional […]

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